17th again

like lucy’s blog, im gonna start with this:

I’m in love withhhhhhhhh~~~~ (hahaha!)

SS501! haha. im forver listening to their songs! haha.


so ytd lucy, teng and i had a bday surprise for FA-GE. haha. i bet he was damn shock. cos i know he didnt expect this from us! ahhaha. then aft the cake, which btw was fkingly AWESOME!, and card, we had our lunch at TAMP CENTRAL CC.

at first we saw mark lee, then we were wondering, why he was there. so we just ignore uh and went to eat. then we saw 3 other artists. haha. that really set me thinking. then i headed to the toilet alone aft eating. and i saw this door. so i peeped thru it. ahah! then i lead the three amigos there too. it turned out that they were all shooting police and thief. haha.

so we walked to the front door, and there, we could see the clear view of the shoot. haha! the scene was hilarious.

frankly speaking i was excited when i met danial again. (some of u might think im typical, but who ever asked abt ur opinion? no harm what) although i saw him, i was acting all calm and compose but inside,  hahaha! we once acted in empat penyiasat before, even though i was just a calefare, we really could talk with each other, we connected in that sense. i still have the pic we took tgt during the shoot, 2 years ago! 

i wonder how i’ll react when i see rupert! hahahaha.


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