i really cant wait for poly to start. ytd, i was looking through the cca list just to see what the poly offers. i was super shocked by all the weird cca they offer! haha.

aft this line its all abt silat. so u dont have to read. im just excited!

from the start i already had silat in mind, then i saw this korean culture club. I WAS TEMPTED TO JOIN before knowing that the cca is every monday night. pfft. im alr booked every monday night! damn. haha. so i’ll just stick to silat.

but but but but!!! i found out that the coach is ramli, and instructor is zulfakar. ZULFAKAR!!!! HAHA! poweer sia! but theres good news and bad news.

bad news:

zulfakar is under seligi tunggal angkatan (STA). i was from gerak silat olahraga (GRASIO). then this 2 group so called competing with each other uh. since zulfakar is in STA, it makes NP silat part of STA. haha. so im like turning my back on grasio. but who cares! grasio dont believe in other’s hidden potential. pfft.

good news:

zulfakar is the instructor! okay zulfakar is the all time fierce fighter. he won SEA Games gold in his debut (1999) and won the world title in 2004. in addition, being the first ever Silat athlete to win the Sports Boy award 1999. powerr not! but aft 1999, he fight fking too fierce sia. he fought till his opponent was injured badly. that cost him his gold, cos he was disqualified! hahah. fierce sia.


in ur face grasio!

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