lucky days

okay i realise my previous post was rather, childish? haha. i really shouldnt complain. i should start growing up.

anw, DOUBLE S, really can make me melt lahhh!!!

wanna know why i like F4? besides the reason that they are cute?

its because, they are frens, guy bestfrens.

  1. i like it when they fight against each other to remind and show how much they love and care.
  2. i like it when one of them is in trouble, the rest stayed on and helped.
  3. i like it when one of them is being a jerk but they still endured and tolerated his act.
  4. i like the fact that they understand each other.

seriously, in my whole entire life, ive nvr seen any guys ever acting like that. they are really really super close. their frenship is like even stonger than any super glue u can ever find on planet mars, earth jupiter and etc. but afterall it is nothing but a show.


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