i have to post abt today!!! hahahah

so early in the morning, at 8.51am, i woke up. early sia! then 10.15 met lucy at the bustop. 18ed( i think) to school to take my merit award. here comes the funny part. both of us were talking like bullet gun till we werent even aware of the place we should alight. and lucy, even almost a year taking that bus to school, still couldnt spot the bustop! ahhaa. we eneded up alighting at the blooody wrong bustop! HAHAHAHA!

but we didnt panic or what ah. i mean who would. ahhaa. so we assume that it was the previous bustop. as we walked towards the previous bustop, we realised it wasnt the previous bustop. it was indeed the stop aft we alighted! hahahahaha! stupid ah. ended up we had to walk from 200+ all the way to school.

reached school, collect merit award, hungry, GO PIZZAHUT! on the way there, saw fabian. us, being superrrr kind, invited him to join us for lunch. so we ate, laugh chit-chat, yada-yada. went ehub and finally met zahr. four of us watched COMING SOON. before the show, fab die2 wanted to chicken out. but as GREAT frens lucy and i told him to conquer his fears. hahaha!

so… we entered the cinema. i could alr feeeeel the weird, spine-chilling vibe. and so, we watched COMING SOON.

  1. i screamed (as always)
  2. zahr screamed (slightly unusual)
  3. fab screamed (TOTALLY UNUSUAL)
  4. lucy jumped (HAHAHAHA!)

overall the show was damnnnnn nice!! chaba wasnt as scary as i thought. BUT BUT BUT!! the scary part that i totally hate was the part in the lift lah! (stay tune to know why). aft the show, fab kept on cursing and swearing.

as planned, i went over to lucy house for another scary movie, but zahr and fab went home. and i bet till now fab is still cursing. hahaha!

when lucy and i were in the lift, lucy was talking, and i suddenly HAD THE BLOOODY IMAGE OF THE GUY STUCKED IN THE BLOOOOODY LIFT, LIGHTS OFF. that was when i felt scared!! reached lucy’s dustbin and was damnnn hungry. so, ate maggie, drank another bottle as well as a bar of candy. hohoho! then wanted to watch DEATH BELL, but… HAHAHAH.

so we both sat down and talk ah. like always? ahahhahaha.

when i had leave, i was scared to enter the lift alone. HAHAHAH! so lucy accompanied me down. ahahhaha. there are other funny stuff she shared with me, which is totally, kidishly funny! hahaha.

so i went home alone. when i reached my house lift (i dun have a void deck), i pressed the lift button. sialah i was contemplating sia!! thinking whether i should take the stairs. but then, thinking back, chaba isnt real. so, i BRAVELY stepped into the lift. hahahahha! when i was in the lift i quickly wanted to get out ah! hahhahaa. really sia. the bloooody lift scene. hahaha.

but now, taking lift okay alr ah. aft taking it like 3 stupid times. hahahah!

i had funn man.

next programme im looking forward to is the  CHALET!! and a date with melmelmel! she has been away for wayyyyyyyyy toooo bloooody long. hahahaha.

I FORGOT TO MENTION, CHLOEEEE!!!! i havent officially went out with her ever since school ended!


8 thoughts on “CHABA

  1. zahr says:

    HAHAHA. Jocelyn got jumped meh? She beside me and I didnt see her jump. haha

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