HMS FOC WAS THE BOMB! fun as hell! and i seriously loveeee the loft. cool sia. the loft is the place where all the HMS campers sleep. let me show u.

and we have like three rooms! and its basically a flat! haha.

im not gonna post every detail of the campah. thats crazy! ahha. i’ll just post briefly.

first day was rather so-so, but i love the water bomb games.

second day was the fun one! we went all over singapore for our amazing race. fuyohh fun sia.

then the camp fire was HIGHH! everyone (in my grp) was crazy and high!

and second day ended ard 5 am when the camp commander barged into our apartment cos our whole group wasnt asleep.

then day 3 was sleeeepy.

so thats all i wanna say! ahahhaha.

now, im aching all over! chao cb! ahahha!


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