initially, i was alone in the librarararary. aft that, MET UP WITH MEL! i swear we talked like no one’s business! hahahah. and she showed me my class list. AND THERES ONE MALAY GUY!! AND TWO OTHER MALAY GIRLS! WOHOOOO! ahhaha. 

later on, i was staring straight, btw we’re at tm mcs, and a face some what familiar was approaching. suddenly, IT WAS FARHAN! hahahaha! i couldnt cam his face lah! ahhaha. my eyes are getting worse sia. ahah.

so talked and walked, giggled and wobbled. then, otw home while deciding who’s gonna  send who and which way to walk, this happened:

me: okay ah i walk to ur house there
mel: never mind ..(something3)

we said that TOGETHER!! ahahahha! funny! then we were like, EH NO NO U WALKTO MY PLACE! AHAHAHA

but of cos, ended up walking to mel’s house. ahaha. i gave her face! hahaha. but she did send me to the playgrd. hahaha.

anw, heres my time table!

fri is probably booked for lucy! hahaha. mon is for zahr. sun is for syaza. socome my assholes, book a day with me!


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