im supposed to have lunch with BAM BAM today. so, met bernice, SHE CAME TO TAMP! but was late. then we trained to clementi and CABBED to np to meet bam bam for lunch. thought it was gonna be fun. but turns out, AWKWARD! haha. sad lah. theres also like 2 other ppl who we dun know. haha. so bernice and i left.

and now, im waiting for 4.30 to come so can have dinner/lunch withkylie, grace and daniella (maybe nurul) at SIM. and idk how to get there! pfft.

hantu hantu, kau memang hantu! HAHAHAHAH.

OH YAH! i got a laptop bag for 12.90!! awsome or awesome?! haha.

i miss syaza ):

syaza! if u see this, lets meet this sun!

*im trying my best to not use my phone*


6 thoughts on “DOUBLE LUNCH DATE

  1. Anonymous says:

    hahaha, okay!
    thanks~ 😀

    &yeap, i cutting it soon.
    LOL. listen to you ar! xP

    how’s life? ^^
    anyway, your background is cool shitzxzxzx! i LOVE it!


  2. Anonymous says:

    bernice here! =D i would sign in my acc but its a secret! =D hahaha.
    sighss. i was expecting it to be more fun than awkward )= but its okay!
    at least we had each other!

  3. hhahaha. sign in! i wanna see u secretsssss. hahha.

    yah, its was really awkward. and it was even awkward-er when we left right after we came. hahaha

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