okay, DRAMA was mfking fun sia i tell u! ahahha. so here it goes.

initially, i wanted to back out from drama ah. but irfan’s sake, i stayed on. then on, drama started. all freshies introduced ourselves. after which, we played charades. MY FAVOURITE GAME! and my group, strawberry shortcake, thought we were gonna lose. AND THANK GOD WE DIDNT! the losing theme had to joget dandut sia! ahahha.

then we did some sort of short play, really entertaining. and now im lazy to explain the details. HAHAH! let me just get straight to the funNEST part. ahah.

after the short play, we played this game ah. like everyone had to stand still then some ppl have to like make them laugh. those who remained still till the end wins. AND GUESS WHAT?! i was the final 2 standing. both of us were like practically ignoring those noisy ppl trying to make us laugh. we are theeee champion we didnt even a single muscle! ahahha. okay. whatever.

i just think, i didnt make any mistakes in joining drama. no regrets whatsoever. yay!! now im looking forward to school! well, except for the assignment part. ahah!



2 thoughts on “U PROVED ME WRONG

  1. OHMY! YOu joined DRAMA! GOOD!
    I wanted to, but think i won’t be able to commit. so, how, when you can meet me?! hhahahha. đŸ˜€

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