1, 2, 3, 4

im in dire need of post! hahah. okay, first things first.

#1 ive lost the one and only oppurtunity. super sad lah! but then, i believe if it’s mine, it will forever be mine. but still, sad uh! damn. if only. GOD! this is driving me crazy. urghh. 2 years sia. took me that long to realise. cb right. whatever uh, moving on…

#2 school’s getting REALLY tiring. when i say school, i really mean school. haha! climbing up and down hills, tiring sia! ahhaha. also, assignments are pilling up like mountain sia! and going home really late is already a routine except for tues and thurs(my favourite day). and i kinda adapted to poly life, took me 4 weeks.

#3 classmates are showing their true colours. JENG JENG JENG! hahaha. all the LAMEness coming out, making school more and more enjoyable. ironic sia! ahhaha. took this from abs’s blog; T04 is made up of very colorful people which makes up a very beautiful class! (reference: http://vivaciouslove.blogspot.com/) *as instructed by sushi* HAH!

#4 though im having tremendous fun with np mates, I DO NOT NEGLECT MY NUMBER ONE ASSHOLES OKAY!! haha. i got the chance to meet lucy on mon, then zahr and iffah on tues and tmr, QING WEN(FINALLY)! yay ^^


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