1. don’t keep it cos it _____.
  2. don’t appear cos it _____.
  3. don’t linger cos it _____.
  4. don’t be nice cos it _______.
  5. don’t share cos it _____.

regrets after regrets AFTER REGRETS. aiyohh! can i say it out loud so everyone knows? i want to shout and scream into everyone’s ear till their eyes pop out. all i can do is say URGH. cos i can’t say it. I FKING CAN’T SAY IT!

but why that alien so mean?! super mean. not that i’ve done anything bad to that alien. wait. if it has got to do with bad things, THAT ALIEN STARTED IT! well, the alien ended it too. but the alien didn’t say to my face!

i mean seriously. an apology can only be accepted if it is one, sincere, two apologised by that wrong doer personally.

come on alien, lets start from scratch.


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