okay. today was STB test and i was freaking late! by 2 minutes. but thank god can still take the oral. got a B+ and i’m not really happy with that.

ytd there’s this guy from turkey, i think. kept on video calling me. but i declined. then, suddenly he video called again. i declined again, he called again. u get the picture. then i wanted to see how many times he’ll video call me. hahaha. and its super a lot. if i hadn’t blocked him, he might video call me all night! hahah. i prtsc the convo.


and today was my first ever training for silat(aft almost 2 years). and it was right after volleyball. okay, not right after but an hour aft vb. hahaha. and guess whatttttttttt! we were trained by zulfakar. hahahha. coool sia. and  this fri their IVP, i am so going. haha.

and i have one bad news. my granny’s hospitalised ):

p.s: thanks bernice for listening to me. and i hope ur troubles will be washed away asap.

p.p.s: lucy, i hope aft ur tests u come online. i miss talking to u online.

p.p.p.s: today was the first time i shitted in school. hahaha!

p.p.p.p.s: hopefully there won’t be school nextweek, cos i only have ONE written test!

p.p.p.p.p.s: my shoulders hurt badly. ):


with god’s will i hope we meet this friday.






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