my bloody menses came, as soon as i stepped into the classroom): how lucky was i? urgh. and cos of me, someone else got her menses too! hahaha.

the whole day i suffered. this time the cramp like super-cannot-take-it pain. and i skipped korean AGAIN, cos i couldn’t bear the pain. kinda regretted not going. so next week no matter what, i have to go!

for tmr’s attachment, i will be going alone ): A’qilah’s sick. i hope i get to take the k2s again! but i guess i’ll be taking the nursery. hopefully i won’t be having cramps. then, after attachment will be meeting my grp ppl to wrap up our ITA PBL, IN SCHOOOOL!!

i’m freaking lazy to go all the way to clementi! (unless someone wants to accompany me. HAHAH!)

and we finally took a class photo WITH EVANIA IN IT! hahaha. awesomeness.

oh yah, just now when i had my cramps, i was super quiet that Abs made me this:



and during IT presentation we took pictures. HAH!


can u spot the two monkeys at the back?

can see the two monkeys at the back?! AHHAHAHA!

p.s: since i got my menses, i’m gonna try using a nail polish(a decent colour for now) to feel the feel of ladylike-ness. HAHAHHA! 




how i wish u are the one accompanying me.


p.s: posting everyday doesn’t mean i’m very free okay. idk why i keep on posting every day ever since that day.


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