yet another random post. it’s about marriage. read on, if u want.

ytd, my aunty and mum were talking and they brought up the what-age-are-u-going-to-marry issue. i was stunned when isya said she wanted to get married at 23. 23!! isn’t that way too early? 23 u know. early 20s is like the beginning of real freedom and u want to get married?

marriage is something very scary but wonderful. wonderful cos, u always know u have someone to fall onto whenever things get rocky. ahh, so sweeeet. haha.

 it’s scary cos, how would u know that he/she is the one for u? what if the one u think is for u actually isn’t the one for u but is just one of the one u think is for u? scary right? u want to stick to the person u are going to marry for the rest of ur life. and u don’t ever want to regret ur decision. 

but again, what is the right decision? HAHAHHA! and then, u think again. what if ur love dies half way? what if there’s no more sparks? hah! screw everything! hahahaha.

i said to my mum that it’s too early to think about marriage. haha. and my granny was like, WHAT’S SO EARLY?! GO MARRY FASTER BETTER! hahhaha! in malay of cos. hahaha.

i haven’t even finish half year in poly, they want to talk about marriage.

oh yah, then my other aunt(only meet her like twice a year) came over to visit my nenek also. and she was like, ‘u in sec 2 right?’ BIG JOKE SIA! hahhaha. sec 2?! hahha.

i don’t even pass being a poly student and my mother wants to talk about marriage. hahha. even my uncle can’t believe that i’m in poly. what’s wrong with u people?! tsk tsk tsk.

but one thing for sure, i would love to see my brother and sister get married first. cos i’ll never know how long i’ll live.  i may die before i get married. i may die a virgin.

however, I WANT A BABY BOY!! i want to have a baby fast, but not get married. haha! ironic sia. why do we need sperms to get a zygote? so sad. i want my own baby(who doeesn’t)! aiyohhh, see lah, crazy already. get a grip nad. hahah.

so i’ll leave everything to God. time will tell everything(cliche, i know).

but before marriage comes love. hahah. i swear i’ve never been in love. all the past crushes are like super nonsense when i think back. ahhaa. i make everything sound like a freaking big deal. i pity my frens who had to listen to all my stupid rubbish when they are really nothing. ahhaa.

what is love then? they say when u see someone u love, u have butterflies in ur tummy. but what is butterflies in ur tummy? seeeee, marriage isn’t simple, i bet u guys already know that. ahhaha. wow. life is really scary.

how do u fall in love sia. i feel like telling my parents to just match make me. i think match making very intereesting if it turns out good. hahah. but the minus point is that u won’t get the pleasure of loving before marriage. no memories before marriage.

okay, right now i’m rambling non-stop! hahaha! seriously, i should end here.

“A baby is the most complicated object made by unskilled labor”


all in all, maybe i want to get married when i’m 28. how old do u want to get married?

p.s: this topic really interesting eh. hahaha. i feel like going non-stop about this. any listeners? hah!


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