me loveeeeeeeeeee today! hahaha.

  1. eddie’s bday surprise was AWESOME! ahhahaha.
  2. test was manageable.
  3. grace yeo was forever smiling.
  4. taboo was super fun! ahha. first time playing it.

aft school met zahr at city hall and as usual, she was late. ahah! got her stuff and mrted back to tam-pines. hahaha.

zahr said that i kept on saying that i feel like saying stuff! now when i think back, she’s very true. hahaha!

and i reflected for 5 minutes. and i think it’s because there’s something i would loveee to share with everyone but i can’t. i just get the words out of my mouth ): i want to say it! but i cannot. urghh.

idk why i can’t. but somehow, i was able to tell part of it to bernice. haha. i really want to tell the whole world. but the more i say, the less chance it’s going to happen.

 and i feel a bit feverish ):

u’re making me confused u know that. just get straight to the point. if it really is true, show a sign, a sign that i can understand. don’t keep me in the dark. i hate being uninformed. i miss seeing u.


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