“If you truly love and miss that person, Then, love will come again when you meet that person again. Just like playing a game of hide and seek, No matter where he/she hides or even if you can’t see him/her, He/she must be waiting at some place for you. Amid the countless chaos, Just like the sincere prayers of love. The people in love will surely meet again.”

– Park Eun-young (taken from episode 1 of Spring Waltz)


i need inspiration for my new ____! and i bet i can post like 5 times sia today. and yay! today no training. haha. save me time!


6 thoughts on “SPRING WALTZ

  1. Syerah says:

    Awww.. So sweeeet. Haahaa. Eh, btw kan, asal my pic gitu uh? Gmbr alien mane ntah tu.. Hahaa.

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