today marks the first day of our term break. wohooo! but it kinda makes no difference. haha.

one term down, three more terms to go. super fast uh.

i’ve already adapted to the long journey to school. i thank god for having abs, grace and lycia in my class. with them, my journey ride home will never be dull. going school time, kylie, daniella, gracey, lycia, evania, nurul, sixu(sushi) and i will meet at the SIM bustop to avoid the hills in NP. hahah! lazy asses. haha.

project wise, everything’s going fine. i didn’t know that planning really help us fasten our work.planning is an enzyme. an enzyme is a biological catalyst that increases the rate of chemical reactions! HAHAH! (i miss bio) and of cos, my team mates are awesome! though we’ve encountered a couple of problems, we managed to solve them without hurting each others feelings or pride.

now food, we’re all sick and tired of going to makan place. so at times we’ll go to SIM to have our lunch. and it’s seriously good! abs have yet to eat there.

oh yah! wing sze is my pri school fren. okay we’ve not met in EVPS, but she was in EVPS then she transferred during p3. and half way p2 i transferred to EVPS. and now, we’re classmates. how cool is that? hahah!

i feel like going on and on! and write each and everyone’s name here, but i must stop. cos i have to prepare for tmr’s bbq and for the IVP later.

time, stop please.

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