and i didn’t go out today, AGAIN! yay! hahaha. i’m embracing this home time man, really. i’m also trying to not get out of tamp during this 2 weeks break. haha. cos every other day i have no choice but to head west! who wouldn’t want to stay put in east?! haha.

so, syaza came over today. she was beside me on my bed. HAHA!

tmr, HM movie. i watched it online weeks ago, but for pek’s sake, i’m going! haha. damn, i’m so nice! hahaha.

sat, tong’s house with sotong, iffah, zahr and fiqah. the usual six. they remind me of the night study ):



Abital says:


*one day i become a millionaire

*i will buy a an airplane go england find him k?

*u have my word!

*u can print this conversation out as a proof 🙂


나는 당신을 사랑합니다.

i wish i could give you my time. and for now, concentrate on your thing. if only i can be there for u.

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