TEACHING is the most noble job ever in the world, from my perspective of cos. and i’m not saying this cos i’m taking early childhood education.

why is it noble? i’m so lazy to type it out! haha.

but from my experience through my attachment, being a teacher is seriously hard. u have to treat everyone equally. there is no such thing as favouritism.

also, u can’t always satisfy everyone. some child will be hurt at the end of the day. and guilt wraps around u. u feel sorry, but there’s nothing u can do cos, u can’t possibly devote all ur attention to one child only.

but when they appreciate u, nothing in the world beats that feeling. even love is nothing compared to that feeling.

right now, i’m not sure if i wanna continue on and be an early childhood teacher or pursue psychology studies. never mind, i have three years to think about it. haha.

suddenly i miss my K2s ): i miss them calling me; TEACHER NAD! TEACHER NAD!


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