i haven’t buy the hair curler(though it costs like 1 kaching). cos, I HAVE NO KACHING! i spent a lot sia during this 2 weeks break. wait, not really. it’s the bus fare. URGHH!

i just added 10 kachings into  my ezlink ytd and by the end of the day, i’m left with 3 kachings inside it. since i will need that 3 kachings for tmr’s train trip, I WALKED HOME, in the dark, with cockroaches and lizards accompanying me.

i’m waiting for my allowance day! KACHINGGGGGGG! hahaha. once i get my kaching, i’m so gonna buy concession.

and i can’t wait for tmr, T04 BBQ!

oh yah, this conversation happened 2 days back.

mum: 27th june make sure u no plans.
me: of cos lah no plans bday ayah.
mum: and ayah coming home that morning.
me: so not friday eh? then can i not go home aft class bbq on thurs?
mum: no! u tell me who going first.
me: bu, my class all girls lah! except for 2 guys!
mum: oh, ye tak ye eh.

HAHAHHA! i’ll take that as a yes mother!

i went there, but u weren’t there. where were u?

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