i am seriously not happy with choo just now. the connection in school just now was fucking slow(not to mention that i couldn’t sign into msn)! and she didn’t want to wait for  me ): stupid choo. TSK.

and idk why, but i love this pic.


oh yah, just now abs and i submitted the form for the vietnam trip on 7-19 december. PLEASE PRAY THAT I GET CHOSEN PEOPLE. PRAY FOR ME! i really wanna go overseas AND do some volunteering work. but if this thing clashes with double s’s concert, I’M DOOMED! and besides, it was a hard decision considering the date for the trip ):

and i heard that there might be campus run for tmr’s training. hohoho. okay, confirm have alr. just received a msg from haziqah. i’m kinda excited to run around the campus. not only school’s big, it’s also HILLY!! wow, excited yet scared. ahaha. and vb starts tmr again. awesome!


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