let me do a quick post before i start cracking my head for IT and PPCM.

aft training, 154ed to eunos with mel, yes, finally met her! okay, i’ll fast forward.

when i boarded 67, there were no available seats! okay, there were, but ppl just don’t bother sliding in. u get what i mean. but lucky halfway through the journey, i got a seat AND i slept! and i RARELY sleep in  buses. hahha. this time no head banging motion cos i could rest my head on the window. HAH!

while i was partially sleeping, my head kept on banging onto the window every so often. suddenly this one time, BANG! really damn pain. the bang woke me up. AND THANK GOD IT DID!

when i woke up, i realise, it was my stop. hahha. lucky! if  not, i would have slept all the way to interchange! anyway if i did overslept, inter is just 2 stops more. ahha. but it’s the walk home from inter that’s creepy.

anyway, that’s all.

p.s: i don’t like prawns.

imy ):

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