my laptop was being a bitch during IT. it just refused to let me sign in to my own user account. but thankfully i had kak nana’s psp to keep me company for the whole second half of IT. first part of IT, i was practically sleeping. so yah. a waste of 2 hours in school. i like! i love wasting time. haha.

but now, laptop’s okay. and i can’t wait to watch HP! oh yah, i had a series of movie i’ve been wanting to watch, but couldn’t. since HP’s coming out real soon, the rest of the movies don’t matter anymore! HAHAHA! nothing beats HP. haha. RUPERT(jantan tak sunat, HAHA)! 15 more days! 

oh yah, my mum bought me a pair of slippers which are totally pretty! BUT I SO HATE THEM!! and now, she’s gonna force me to wear them for my attachment tmr and for school. no way man! never in my life will i ever wear girl-like slippers! NO! i need a plan. a plan to avoid wearing them. mum, why did u ever buy me that slipper without even consulting me?!

i am so sick and tired of u, stupid bitch. just because u are better than me, doesn’t mean u get all the priority shit, motherchucker. and u really love to rub things in huh. if there is one person in this world i want dead, that’ll be u. i am so fuming mad right now! u’re such a sick bitch and i can’t believe i actually wanted to befriend u years ago. wth was i thinking? and if u can hold a grudge that long, so can i. girl, i really didn’t want things to end this way, but u made me.

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