today’s attachment was AWESOMEEEEEEE!! hahah. i truly enjoyed today’s attachment. but one stupid thing happened to me today.

today i went to the centre alone ah. then, i kinda forgot where my centre was. i thought my centre was at 487B when it was actually 487C! HAHAHHA! lucky the centre was orange. so it was kinda obvious to spot it. hahha. it has been 7 weeks going to the centre and i couldn’t even remember.

and today was the longest attachment day. observed the K1s and K2s from 8.46 am to 1.10 pm. usually it’s until 12-12.30. haha. but i really love today. and right now i’m at the usual KFC with lucy sleeping instead of studying. TSK LUCY, TSK! ahhaa.

and i finally secretly snapped my K2s on the way home. hahaha!


THAT’S BRYAN! my favourite boy! hahaha. i lazy post the rest alr. ahaha!

i guess my previous post about u was super harsh. and i take back my words. i mean it. i am sorry. and i deeeeply wanna apologise. but i guess an apology can only be accepted when one apologises face to face. i guess i have to do that. though i am still angry after what u did, i don’t want our friendship to end harshly. if it has to end, i want it to end peacefully. i don’t wanna hold a grudge. and i so do not want u to die. i said that in the heat of the moment. i was just too pissed. and that’s my flaw. i am truly remorseful. i really shouldn’t have. give me three days to recollect my thoughts. cos right now, many things are troubling me. i hope we can end our friendship coolly, if we ever decide to put an end to it.

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