aiyohhh! i feel so sad and scared idk why! don’t tell me it’s still pms.

ever wished that u are able to read ppl’s mind or hear ppl’s thoughts? okay, stupid qns. everyone has. why are human beings so hard to decode? they’re even more complicated than the most complicated atom in the universe! if only, we have a remote or a censor to detect feelings, wouldn’t it be much easier. a burden less to shoulder.

sometimes whatever good intentions u have, ppl every so often misinterpret. u want to make him/her happy but u end up doing otherwise. and then, bad feelings wrap around u with guilt plastered on ur forehead. others somehow send wrong signals thus misunderstanding occurs.

u may think talking things out is the best decision. okay, it is, but not entirely true. cos some ppl can hide their feelings and still not be true to u. so u may think that the situation has been solved when it’s not even half way near solved.


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