i feel super troubled these days. but i don’t know exactly why! i feel angry at the slightest comment. everything just pisses me off/of(not sure which one. haha!) i hate PMS! stupid moodswings. gahhh!

and i must say that right now, my personal life is pretty much mundane as compared to my school life. there’s no drama, no love, no nothing. total bore. there’s seriously nothing to talk about.

i can’t go crazy about the guys in my course because there’s only like 12 guys? i can’t go around picking up a fight because that’s extremely stupid. i wanna do something. something crazy.

seriously, my life needs a spark!


2 thoughts on “THREE DAYS

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Boon boon boon~
    my life also! like damn mundane..
    And we talking lesser and lesser on msn alr ):
    cos too many things to do!

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