i fucking need to control my fucking emotions! i am pissed at myself for not able to separate personal matters from school matters. fuck.

i feel like i wasted a day feeling mad plus sad. but i thank all of u for tolerating and helping me. thanks for the note abs. and thanks pei qi and eddie for making me laugh during IT. and of cos, thanks grace for the muffin(though i was fasting).

oh yah, thanks to iffah also, who was willing to accompany me to break my fast.

from  now on i will try my best to control my emotions.

okay, now i have to get busy and finish up my(for my own reference):

  1. FP essay(due: wk 15)
  2. Argumentative essay(due: wk 16)
  3. Story telling & props(due: wk 16)
  4. IT test(wk 16)
  5. ITA PBL project(due: wk 17)
  6. CDEV exam (21/8)
  7. PPCM exam (24/8)


okay awesome! check list up for me to keep track! aft 24th, NO SCHOOL! holiday! WOOHOOO! so hang in there nad!

from now till i finish my check list, i shall not update my blog. when i start blogging i can’t stop! bad bad distraction! tsk. so just read my tweets at the bottom. gd bye for now assholes!

p.s: i love breaking fast with humans. HAH!


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