okay, what happened yesterday:

lucy msged me asking if i was free after 5. honestly, i knew there was something going on. HAH! so yada yada yada, met lucy at macs. shocked to see mel and fab there. when i saw them, i knew they were going to celebrate my birthday.

then they dragged the time, making me walk from cs, tm to t1! HAHHA! and, we went all the way back to tm to have dinner at Swensens. HAHA! i swear the were bad at surprising. ahhaha! but the effort is truly appreciated (:

i wanted to destroy their plan, but me being a nice person, i gave them face! HAHAHA! nonetheless, thanks for the treat guys. love you!

and thanks lucy for the umbrella and slippers!

pics will be up on fb SOOOON. haha.

and jia wee gave me an e-card. really damn sweet! make me cry uh. make me  miss everyone ):


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