I MUST SAY, YTD WAS VERY PRODUCTIVE! it took me 3 hours to do 2 observations questions. if i didn’t type it out, it could have taken a longer time! and it took a lot more to start on the qns. HAHAHA!

but i managed to :

  • find a story
  • create the dialogue
  • go through FP essay
  • complete the FP wb.

BUT THEN, ytd was productive, BECAUSE, today due date! HAH! so it was productive by force! do i even make sense? i just feel relief! wah, damn relief. ( if only my STB was just now ):)

BYE BYE FP, wait there’s still the attachment.

i want to say my last farewell to my FP wb!

AND, HAPPY 17TH TO LIEW ZHAN WEI! may all your hard work pay off, and good luck with ur upcoming tests/exams/promos!



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