STB’S OVER!!! awesome!

i tried my best alr. and i have no regrets! even if i get just a B, i must be happy about it. (though i may mourn over the pathetic B).

and for our term break, i got a job at a childcare in bukit batok, and iffah got the job at ikea! i hope zahr can find one too. haha. hopefully during the term break i get to explore more of the west side. haha.

oh yah, talking about west side, just now, some of us ventured out to SP. and the environment there is TOTALLY different from NP. idk what’s different. but it just feel different, thought both polys are in the west. ahha.

maybe tmr or so i will do a proper post regarding my birthday. haha.

for now it’s time for IT! faggggggot choo.


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