i had a damn weird dream last night. it’s too embarrassing to say it out here. HAH!

anyway, WE’RE DONE WITH OUR WEBSITE! AWESOME! okay, not totally done. need to add this and that. but the linkage all okay lah. haha.  

grace did not turn up. she didn’t reply my messages, didn’t answer my calls since saturday. but she contacted daniella and informed kylie. weird much? i’m trying not to get angry right now.

i volunteered to finish up the ppt and do the access. no, i’m not complaining. but ah, fuck. i really don’t wanna get angry. what’s so hard that u can’t even reply my msges?

i even lowered my fucking ego and showed my fucking concern.

okay, maybe ur phone wasn’t with u. but hell, u could reply kylie?

wtf. now i’m angry.


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