and so…

i was right about getting lost otw to SMU! HAHA! but we(zahr and i) did find our way.

the talk was alright. there was one part that captured my attention. but as i type this out, I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT I WANTED TO SHARE!! seriously, my  memory is failing me.

and right now, i’m having a major headache.

oh yah. tmr i have to reach bukit batok at 8.45am. EIGHT FORTY FIVE AM!! DO YOU KNOW HOW EARLY THAT IS?! dammit. okay, i am already accustomed to the long mrt ride.

but i have problems waking up early. i’m not a morning person. and i love to sleep in all the way to 11. but usually i’ll wake up ard 9/10. haha. suddenly i remembered the 5 months Os break. i swear i could only wake up after 12!

those were the days when my dad was in dubai and my mum works in the morning. so no one disturbs/wakes me. ahhaha.

that’s enough for today. let me place a picture of young saeng before i turn in. for the sake of the job, i’ll wake up early.

nights everyone.


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