i hope Young Saeng takes a photo holding an autograped paper, like Min Ho.

i managed to wake up early to make a trip down to bukit batok, though i was 15 minutes late. HAH! but anyway, i hope the principal calls me sooooooon! i really need a job during the hols.

after the so called interview, i mrted home, packed my books, made a pit stop at sotong’s house(collect money) and met iffah at the nearby KFC to study. a funny/weird thing happened.

as we were half way studying, i had the urge to turn and look what’s behind me(i was facing the wall). I WAS DAMN SHOCKED WHEN I SAW LUCY THERE!! HAHA! funny huh. initially(when i was otw to the KFC) i wanted to text her saying i was nearing the usual KFC. i just find it funny.

what’s funnier; lucy(sitting like one table away?) msged me saying fab was otw there. all unplanned. haha. i just find it fated and funny. haha.

today was really productive. and, i sincerely thank god i went poly. seriously, i’ve never felt this happy when i study. i really like studying now. wait, pause. not the IT part of course. just those core modules. haha.

i shall continue, after i watch a tiny bit of SS501. HAHA!

p.s: Hsien Loong pronounce WHERE like abs. WHOWEAR! HAHAHA!



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