i want my future sofa to be like that! HAHAH!

i don’t understand a single shit on the Child’s Temperament.

i’ve been reading that over and over again for the past hour, still, no improvement. PSH! one thing about studying that i hate is the memorising part. i don’t know how some people do it! everything they write/say are like photocopy of the notes/tb. i want their brain.

i can only remember stuff when i understand the context. oh well, better than nothing!

and today i woke up early! i set my alarm at 8 am, but i only managed to get up around 9.18 am. HAH! never mind, at least earlier than ytd. i didn’t get to fast today. so i guess i’ll fast tmr.

and right now, a whole sink of pots are waiting for me to wash them ): a lot u know! i want a maid maid maid!! when i grow up i’m so going to employ a maid. HAHAH!

better wash them before i get nagged.



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