i’m so moved! hahha, so sweet. a guy(young saeng) hugging a boy(not his child), that’s something u don’t see everyday.

first day of work was like, attachment only that it’s more fun. haha. i just need time to adapt to that environment. i kinda feel weird and out of place. but never mind, i will persevere!

i’ll be working 5 times a week, and the pay’s quite worth it. yes, it’s very tiring(yet damn cute!!!) entertaining a class of 2-3 years old; lucy will die if she stays in that classroom for more than half a minute! i hope i’ll learn new stuff and be a better educator. i am motivated, though very very sleepy.

and the best part of my schedule is the 2 hours nap time. even the teachers get to nap! YAY! haha. but, i am stil super duper sleepy. i have to start sleeping early. BUT i just have troubles doing that. dammit.


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