mg, i can’t stand cute people, they’re just so cute and huggable!

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY QAISARA QASRINA! yes, a new born cousin (: YAY YAY YAY! haha. baby baby baby! haha, i’m going crazy already.

and just now during nap time, RIZANSHA CHILDZE slept beside me and i slept beside him! so cute uh! damn damn damn cute. he’s like the CUTEST AND MOST PRETTY 3 years old boy ever! haha. so cute!

i will TRY taking a picture of him. haha. and i wanna share with u guys the nap time. really damn cute ah. then when they all sit in a line super close to each other, it’s just a soul refreshing scene!

now, i’m reconsidering becoming a preschool teacher. hah! but i’ll still keep my options open.

and right now, i’m watching Heroes. i swear it’s one hell of a fucked up family, but i still like it. hahhha!


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