Nichkhun looks like Hong Ki here! or maybe the other way round?

Nadhirah took the quiz “What Careers Suit Your Personality Type?” and got the result: INFP – The Idealist!
You are a special and sensitive individual that needs a career which is more than just a job. You need to feel that what you do everyday has special meaning and can live your life in accordance to your strong value system. You are focused on constant growth and have a positive outlook on life. Because you are driven to do find meaning and purpose in your work, you will be happiest in careers where you are allowed to work towards those values you hold and towards the greater good of humanity as a whole. Many of the great writers of the world have been INFPs.

Some of your personality traits include:

* Strong value systems
* Warmly interested in people
* Service-oriented, usually putting the needs of others above your own
* Loyal and devoted to people and causes
* Future-oriented (TOTALLY!)
* Growth-oriented; always want to be growing in a positive direction
* Creative and inspirational (SEE KYLIE TAN! I’M INSPIRATIONAL!)
* Flexible and laid-back, unless a ruling principle is violated
* Sensitive and complex
* Dislike dealing with details and routine work
* Original and individualistic – “out of the mainstream”
* Excellent written communication skills (WRICOMM?! REFERENCING? NO WAY!)
* Prefer to work alone, and may have problems working on teams
* Value deep and authentic relationships
* Want to be seen and appreciated for who you are

Some of your suggested careers are:

* Writer
* Counselor / Social Worker
* Teacher / Professor
* Psychologist (BINGO!)
* Psychiatrist
* Musician
* Clergy / Religious Workers


and i have to say this. A LOT OF STUPID PEOPLE OUT THERE, JUST LOVE TO LOOK DOWN ON PRESCHOOL TEACHERS! what’s so bad about being a preschool teacher? they earn quite a sum too. AND they fucking take in all of ur childrens’ shit! any fuckers i know look down on preschool teachers i swear i’m gonna fucking glare at u and throw my slippers at their fugly faces. fucktards.

the teachers go through hard times to provide the best environment for the children, so the children will be be physically able, cognitively developed and socio-emotionally stable! damn u people who look down on these noble teachers.

not only preschool teachers are looked down, ECH is also looked down. fuck right? so what. SO WHAT?! fuck u people. u guys look down just because u think ur course is better/way cooler and ECH is a slack and is fucking dull. fuck u people. u guys don’t know what shit we went through. and we have the greatest time when we’re all together as a class. we fucking had fun! cb, no life people look down on ECH. prejudice. stereotypes

i don’t look down on people, cos i know everyone/everything has their own talents. why can’t all of u do the same?

and right now, i’m sad. sad for my dear friend. my dear friend who i truly deeply love. hang in there, these things take time. while waiting for that time to come, u have me, u have us. we’ll be there for u. xoxo.

god, this post gives off many different kind of vibes! hah!

2 thoughts on “VARIETY OF VIBES

  1. Tan Kylie says:

    Something must be wrong with the quiz, hahaha. & totally agreed with the looking down on ECH/preschool teachers part!!

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