let me show u some look alike people. u guys may not agree, but yah, whatever. hahaa! and i love love love khun and hongki’s eyes! very sparkly. very pretty! jealous much? haha!

first look alike NICHKHUN(2PM) & HONGKI(FT ISLAND)



second look alike JUN SU(2PM) & KEY(SHINEE)

third look alike TAEC YEON(2PM) & MJ(SINGAPORE IDOL)

second look alike JAE BEOM(2PM) & RYAN(SINGAPORE IDOL)


2 thoughts on “LOOK ALIKE(S)

  1. Tan Kylie says:

    I seriously don’t get how you do these! THEY ALL DON’T EVEN LOOK ALIKE!! Haha, esp the Junsu one! & Jaebeom too! And Taec! Maybe only Nichkhun and his eyes. I’m biased, I know! Hahaha.

  2. naddynadi says:

    know what?! i think ur right! HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!
    i think they just remind me of each other!
    but the first pair really look alike!
    but some how got small parts of their faces similar. ahahhaha.

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