my remedy

i am feeling depressed right now.


early in the morning in the train, a couple(so happen to be less than a metre away) was smooching right in front of me from bukit batok all the way to jurong east! can’t they be considerate? unlike them, some people don’t have a bf/gf. unike them, some people are healing a broken heart. unlike them, some people are trying to let go. and please, go get a room next time.


things are getting worse, financially. REALLY BAD. even u won’t believe how bad it’s gonna be ):


mum’s like hinting me to bake? and only god knows how much i don’t like baking! especially the cleaning part. i’d rather make ketupat all day! the only thing that i’m looking forward to is making ketupat. and it reminds me of the time my brother and i made ketupat together ): things are different now. (depressing part was reminiscing old times)

yes, i’m emo-ing. i can like cry any minute ):


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