i have something to show…

I FAILED KOREAN! my very first F in poly. it’s not included in GPA so i won’t moan. haha.

and just now, i did a terrible thing to a four/three years old kid ): i told the kid to shut up. i wasn’t angry! i was about to give him time out. but he started talking and was fighting for his right. i wanted him to keep quiet but i accidentally said shut up. i feel horribly bad! from then on, i swore to myslef, i will never tell a kid to shut up ever again.

it’s almost 3 weeks working at the childcare centre. and i have so many questions to ask. but i’ll definitely not ask the teachers there. they’re like forever shouting!

i kinda miss my attachment centre. haha. now i know what kak fiana meant by being lucky. HAHAH!


today’s dinner with abs and kylie was postponed, or maybe cancelled? hahaa. so i decided to join zahr and iffah at compass point. AND I HATE EATING WITH THEM! they’re forever saying i eat damn slow! and they forced me to eat faster. i think im having indigestion now. thanks to them -.- HHHAHA! but i had a great time laughing (:


i really can’t wait to stop working! 22 more days(including weekends)! okay, my tummy really acting weird!


my heart melt when i saw those words (: ily


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