still can’t believe Leader got H1N1. get well soon!

after i completed making suji today, i thought baking was kinda fun when, only when doing alone. haha. BUT, my mum just had to crumble my thoughts! psh. she said the suji i baked, weren’t enough.


so, i had to make more later on. PSHHHHHHH! it’s night already. and i wanted to make ketupat ribbon lah tonight! thank god my sis helping me later, if not, i’ll sulk the whole day tmr! HAHHA!

when i have my own family, i make sure my husband does the baking. HAHAHHAA! seriously, i prefer cooking. i really don’t wanna gentel(sp?) the suji already!!

and i don’t know why my mum doesn’t like pastas. why ibu, why?! pastas are my ultimate favourite! i am sooo cooking pasta next weekend for our break fast. HAHAHHA. idk what my mum will eat. muahhahaha!

i better start making suji AGAIN, now. aigooooooooo! and i’m having a terrible headache!


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