i hope farhan doesn’t mind not being in the pic. HAHA! I HAVE NO PICS TAKEN WITH HIM!!

i am proud of myself (: very the proud! BETHECAUSE(wth?), i manage to keep in contact with my close frens in prss, even though we’re in different schools. very different, not to mention very far!

i am very proud. idk why. before school starts, i worried so much cos i was scared i may forget them or have no time for them or just maybe grow distant. but i sincerely thank god, for allowing me to still be close with my prss buddies.

so grateful (:

my frens, what will i ever be without them. don’t  u feel nostalgic? cos i do. i wanna grow old with all of u.

quote of the day: “IF YOU HAVE THE WILL, YOU’LL HAVE THE WAY” i truly believe in that. no matter how busy he/she is, if he/she badly want something to happen, find time. and by believing in that quote i had time for them, despite being really tired.

cos, just by seeing all of ur smiling faces, give me the strength to carry on (:

for all of my frens, including syaza(not prss but evps!)

much love


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