HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY ABANG!! ( i actually thought he’s turning 20 this year! HAHAH!) may u find a better girl. i swear that bitch needs a tight slap! u deserve better abang, seriously. what more, ibu and i don’t like her!

i have some long ago pictures that i wanted to post but lazy. since i am not going out today and forsee that i’m gonna be bored, i’ll post the pics. hahaa.

while studying for CDEV, i still feel proud of myself! hahaha.

DANIELLA! i miss her man. that’s a rare pic of her! HAHHAHA!

jalan raya on the 30th sept.

my GPA, 3.4, okay lah eh. will work harder next time!

wee ting coconut head!

my not-so-perfect birthday!

and… have u guys seen me smiling without showing my teeth? NO RIGHT?! i always smile showing my teeth. i am proud of my teeth! haha. this last pic i have, i smiled without showing my teeth! hahaha.

HAHAHAHHA! it looks like i am forced to smile! HAHAHHA! i still prefer to smile with TEETH!! hahaha.


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