Seung Gi! “Chosen by Korean women as the most desirable man to marry,” by ALLKPOP. I AGREE!

YESS! finally the day has come for me to have a date with LEOW ZI HUI! since she badly wanted to eat popeye later, i shall accompany her to the airport! haha. and and and,

I AM LOVING MUSIC BANK ON KBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ytd seunggi had a comeback! he’s got a very very very unique face uhh. and G-dragon’s heartbreaker topped the chart, though he looked really shagged. no wonder he wore cool shades. hahah. okay. i am just damned excited to watch the upcoming music bank eps.

with KBS at reach stay-at-home days will never be dull again (: i love HANGUL!! and music bank’s showing today @5.40. i must be home by 5.40! hahah. call me crazy!

what if i didn’t write it? would you still try to make things less awkward? you had 5 years to befriend me, 5 years. and i had 5 years of waiting. i’ve always thought that, my feelings for u faded, actually, yes it did. i have moved on. and now, you are appearing before me, making me relive 5 years ago. and are you trying to say i have to wait 5 more years till you finally have the courage to talk to me? idk if i am able to live 5 more years. recall 5 years ago, what i said to you. i had the courage to tell you. and i was embarrassed as hell. i couldn’t even bring myself to face you. but at least i tried. i know, i’ve done what i’m supposed to. so i have no regrets doing what i did 5 years ago. i’m not asking for you to come right up to me and tell me. just write things that will assure me. and please, don’t do things that’ll hurt me. sometimes, your words are just too profound. and i just think too much. some part of me really wish this story ended 5 years ago. just do what you have to do. do what you think is right.


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