i found this pic:

the childcare teachers. let me show u guys who gave me a fucking hard time.

2nd one from the left; FARHANAH, my co-teacher(she’s a relief teacher herself!). i swear she made my days at sparkletots a hard one. she’s one hell of a sarcastic bitch! and i could just tell that she’s from a religious school the first time i heard her talk.

the other one, 4th from the right; SHARIFFAH, the ex-teacher(aft she left, i took her place). she doesn’t like me being with her toddlers. but hello! i am in charge of the toddlers. psh! u are just an EX. fullstop.

i can just imagine them talking about me when i am not around. i relly hope i won’t see the two of them ever again.

the rest of the teachers are fine. i will miss the 4th one from the left, SURAYA. she’s the nicest to me.

as for the toddlers, i miss them so dearly ):




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