seriously, SHE is the first person i’ve actually really hated. i know it’s mean. but i just hate her! i’ve never hated someone so much in my life. seriously, not to the extend of THIS. it’s even disgusting to call out her name!

i know i shouldn’t. but i just can’t help it. but it’s good enough that i am respecting her as a team player. good enough that i am separating work from friendship. for the sake of other’s in the group i am going to put up with her when we’re doing work.

but i’ll still hate her.

initially, i didn’t want others to know about it, but i guess, truth is out. it was very obvious. i don’t know what’s their reaction, but i know the exact reason why i hate her.

but i promise not to go overboard. cos i believe in karma. who knows it’ll happen to me one day.

there goes one whole post about hate. tsk, nad, tsk. maybe i should stop being mean! okay, i think i will. but if she talks to me, i swear i’ll be mean! i am not a mean person lah! HAHAHHAHA!


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