Sexy Alien! HAHAHHA

I SWEAR I AM DAMN HAPPY TODAY! what a great day. haha. i even saw the fake young saeng! hohoho.

i got to meet Farhan just now. and we had damn deep yet awkward talk! hahha. seeing an old friend just reminds me of old times. good old times in Pasir Ris Seconday School, with pride and joy let us sing! HAHHA.

and my brother’s gf will be staying with us for a month or so due to certain reasons. and, i think it’s kinda cool. cos, i actually feel like i have an elder sister! HAHHA. though we’re still not talking, i hope we can get along well, if she’s serious about my brother.

and my sister has gone for her choir camp. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! HAHAHHA! ROOM TO MYSELF! and, yah, she got the same subject combination as me for next year. haha. sec three alr ah that pig! HHAHHA!

LIFE’S GOOOOD! i am just so happy today and very much satisfied. thank you God (:

suddenly, i thought of one sucky thing today. my left eye hurt like shit today(till now). to make it worse, i lost my bloody specs! but i am certain it’s lying around in the house.


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