Don’t Hestate(the title) and i’m only at ep 5 and i can predict the 105 ep story’s ending! watched it during lecture and i swear ppl around me were irritating!

today was such a bad day.


  • sylvia fool sucked
  • my menses came, during sylvia fool’s lecture
  • that bitch made me pissed, more than once(she’s so going down now!)
  • my cramp killed me
  • lesson plans killed me
  • bus ride was bloody two hours! NEVER EVER WILL I EVER TAKE BUS 21 HOME!


i must have confidence on thursday. i musn’t be scared! PSH!
ahhhhhhhh! i wanna meet zahr tmr ): i need to tell them a lot of stuff. the longer i keep this to myself the crazier i am going to get. i wanna get over that feeling, and just forget about everything, move out of that place, never look back and move on.
yes, 5 years ago, i liked you. and after 5 years, we met and again, i liked you. but now, i think this can’t go on. i need to move on. in fact, i think i have.

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