seriously, i still can’t believe that i met Jong Hun just now. IN SINGAPORE! haha. seriously hard to believe.

and, yah. i am taking a short break, while waiting for the downloads to finish. when i said no sleep, i really meant no sleep. i’ve not said the T word YET. and jong hun’s face which is still in my memory, kept me going on.

though i badly yearn for my bed, i am giving my all for this video. yes, the video’s sucky. so people, if you guys watch my group’s video, please, keep your comments to yourselves. and i have to wake kylie up soon. she have yet to do up the script.

haha, and no, i didn’t regret, waiting for FT. Island (: and dl’s almost done!


it’s 8:26 AM now. abs and i are freaking early today! haha. and guess what, i actually don’t feel THAT sleepy despite not sleeping at all! hhaa


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