anyway, i’ve deleted my angst-y previous post about my father. haha. i wouldn’t want to sound like HER. ahhaha! okay, inside joke! haha.

and these few days, my dreams are rather… idk how to say. like, i feel as if it’s very real. LIKE REALLY REAL! it’s either i cannot differentiate between reality and dream or the dream felt so real. okay both sounded the same. but it’s really damn annoying. and disturbing. not good. so not good. must.stop.dreaming!

it’s making me scared to sleep! i even dreamt of the bloody Play survey! omg. i need a break from work. i need to go out and have fun! but i have to hold on a little longer. after thursday, things will get lighter!

and i am missing so many people. i want to make 4e7 gathering happen. but then.. it’s too last minute to plan a chalet. i don’t mind bbq but… never mind. i’ll just call up the closer ones and we’ll have a mini catch up session. and i will make sure it’ll happen. or will i? HAHAHA. so long they don’t get on my nerves!

cos, this period is like my sensitive period. not menses period but just period. cos there’s a lot to do, so the last thing i need is for someone to pester/agitate me. yah, i know. i wasn’t like this last time. i guess people change.

i know i am a few days late but, happy belated birthday!


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