JOON AND NICHKHUN!! SUPER DUPER CUTE! there’s Onew and Yoseob and i think Junho too(:


finally i met wee ting tong! haha. we did a lot of catch man. hahha. and i thank god she was wiith me just not. if not, i am sure things will get even tougher for me to handle.

and, ytd, my sis and cousin went for Lee Min Ho Concert (thanks to my free tix for sushi!). below are the pics. (I CAN’T UPLOAD THE BLOODY PICS!) haha. actually they weren’t allowed to take pictures. but i guess the security wasn’t strict. and looking at the pics, it’s not as awesome as SEOUL’D OUT!

FT. ISLAND! CHOI JONG HUN! and i can’t get enough of Joon! better watch the video at the top of the post ah! REALLY CUTE! THERE’S NICHKHUN TOO! ^^

great, now i have nothing to do! hahaa. oh oh! the reflections! haha. okay, dammit. and i think timetables really work right now! i feel so much organised. and i really cannot wait for 28th dec swimming! WOOOHOOOOOOOOO! haha

i will fight the pain.


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